Jai Dam | Handcrafted Jewelry for Men | Pierre Jack CANOBBIO designer
It means heart of stone in Thai. Pierre Jack CANOBBIO did not pay attention to these words when he first heard them from a monk, who used them to describe him before predicting that soon his heart would soften…

A few months went by, and it's only when his daughter Leelawadee was born that Pierre Jack understood the full meaning of the prediction.

Pierre Jack, who is French and has been working as a fashion designer for Trust Couture Paris & Metal Precieux (jewelry) for several years , was then designing and making, in his own workshop, a line of clothing including leather pieces made of the most beautiful hides available (washed lamb leather, crocodile, python) finished with solid silver details.

At the same time, his many travels around Southeast Asia allowed him to discover an extraordinary variety of materials, stones and alloys, which he grew more and more anxious to use in his work. Very naturally, he evolved towards jewelry-making and learned the art of braiding and of mixing stones.

In the precious stones, which all have their own beneficial effects, he saw a way of making his designs something more than just beautiful accessories. Carefully combined as they are, the stones also assume an energizing function.

By adding precious metals, the designer makes the materials, as well as the worlds they evoke, meet in his jewelry, while remaining faithful to his ideal of authenticity, with every item crafted by hand in his workshop.
The result is a collection in the image of its designer : as always, Pierre Jack puts in a bit of his own way of life, away from the systems imposed on us.

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